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Scramble experience, suggestions, strategies


Postby DR.IMG » Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:40 pm

Hey Guys,
my picture is not very good.What should I do to increase my chances to get a position here in the US next season or Scramble ?
no US LOR's
Planning to retake CS on August and Step 3 by November.

Thanks a lot !!!!! :)
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Remain Positive!!!

Postby sgudoc » Fri Jan 19, 2007 9:59 am

Goodmorning Dr.IMG

1st-Remain Positive & Focused on the goal!! You will get to the finish line/residency!!!

2nd- IMHO, you must get to the USA(NY,NJ, texas, ect, Good spots for externships) & do an externship(s), paid internship(s) or research w/ clinical-pt. exposure. I recommend externship(s) in a busy community or large unversity setiing!!

3rd-Obtain GOOD LOR(s) from your attendings, even 1 will open the door even more so then it is right now, which I hate to say is practically closed, but can be opened by you if you add alittle to your CV & eras application. Most, if not all, residencies want to see at least 3-6months, some 1 yr. of USCE & 1-3 LORs... It makes sense as you will be learning & serving the US patient population and there are some subtle differences here in the US as opposed to elsewhere. I can say this b/c as an American citizen/IMG, I was fortunate to do some of my clinical studies in the UK (London & York), Go Hot Spurs!!!, became english soccer fan) & learn from Great Ho's & consultants, but there were some very noticable differences and you need to be exposed to the USA system before actually working as a resident. Having said all that, caring for the patient with good sound knowledge & skills is universal!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what I would recommend & will tell you that if you remain persistent and you are a truly good, personable human being/doctor, a program will want you as apart of there team!! It may not be your 1st choice, but everything happens for a reason!!

I wish you and everyone out there much success!!!!

DocTodd/PGY-1/FM :D
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Postby Samir Desai » Mon Feb 05, 2007 5:27 pm

First, as distressing as this might be, don't panic. We all take different paths to residency. There have been many people before you who have been in a similar situation and were able to overcome this type of obstacle.

Sgudoc has made some strong recommendations. I agree with him on the importance of obtaining strong LORs from U.S. faculty. I would also recommend that you start thinking about ways to explain the fail. As someone who interviews residency applicants, I would certainly ask this question of anyone who failed.
Samir Desai
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