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post-match scramble

Scramble experience, suggestions, strategies

post-match scramble

Postby gli3 » Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:49 pm

years ago I went through this once without success. I matched next year with couple of pre-match offers. I think I understand quite a bit of the inside of this system and I want to share with you.

It is notorously hard for post-match. There is a good reason why.

THE UNFILLED POSITIONS MAY NOT BE REAL. Most of the preliminary surgery unfilled spots are not there. My first year training was in surgery-preliminary, the program usually have 6-9 unfilled spot each year, and you will obviously think the program sucks. Not the case. Later on I learned while dinning with the PD that most of the spots in surgery preliminary are reserved for AMG residents whom matched for PGY-2 OB/ENT/Ortho/Neuro surg programs in the same institution. In case they did not match for the pgy-1 spot, these spots are reserved for them. This program is just a back up.

Most programs are NOT in a hurry to fill the empty spot. In other words, the program prefers to leave the spots OPEN if they can not find the ideal candidates. This happens a lot to some good AMG only programs. A few years ago, I matched to anesthesia in the tail-end opportunity for IMG, there were 5 unfilled spots. THe program chose to leave those spots unfilled instead of filling IMGs. Those spots were filled over the first six-month by AMGs who were unhappy about their originally matched specialty, be it ER, or OB or whatever reason, and transferred within the same big institution. It is very common for residency program to have turnover/attrition in the first few month and some good residency program will keep some unfilled spots for some unhappy AMGs to transfer to their program.

THe real unfilled spots are in internal medicine preliminary. Usually high quality AMGs use these spots as backup in case they can not go to the first couple of choices they want. Most of the times these high quality AMGs will be matched to the top choice they have, and the internal medicine preliminar will be unfilled. Internal medicine preliminary is the specialty that need people to do the freaking scut work. Unfortunately, you are competing with unmatched AMGs who are not that mediocre as you think, they may not match to dermatology or neurology and have to settle down for the spots

THat will explain the reason why it is so low yield for postmatch. yes, couple of fax machines, high speed internets and phone lines may help, but do not have your hope too high.

Sorry, this is my understanding of the systems after spending 4 years in it.
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Re: post-match scramble

Postby Tores1986 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:30 am

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