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i need some advice deciding what to do next year

Scramble experience, suggestions, strategies

i need some advice deciding what to do next year

Postby pedunculated » Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:52 pm

I am an FMG from the Netherlands. Graduated University of Amsterdam medical school in 2004. I am licensed in Europe. Have been in states doing research on F1 visa from 2006 till 2009. 2 publications. I have had some degree of clinical experience in the US. I quit my job to take time off for steps. Got 99 on step 1, still waiting for step 2 score (will have it by scramble). Took CS and felt good about it, so i think i passed. Will not have it by scramble. I am not able to participate in match b/c i underestimated step 2 CK and was not ready to take it earlier. I have been scoring 65-75% on UW and felt similarly about the exam so hopefully my scores are high. I came to the US to become a surgeon and will not really consider anything else at this time (maybe IM, if all else fails). I really need a position for the upcoming year as my visa is about to expire, and I am in some financial trouble right now. I guess my questions are (i feel very unprepared, as i have taken step 2 ck only a few days ago and have been studying nonstop):

- is it impossible to get something in scramble without the step 2 cs?
- what are my choices if i do not get something in scramble? i have heard of something called find a resident. how does this work?
- what do i need for scramble. I have registered with NRMP, ECFMG, and ERAs.
- do i really need a fax machine? what exactly do i fax the programs to which I am applying?
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Re: i need some advice deciding what to do next year

Postby anatolyk » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:41 pm

Scramble with no CS and on a visa would require a miracle.
You can sure try findaresident, but i am yet to hear a story of success.

You would need to register with NRMP to get access t the list of unfilled programs. As for the fax machine, you can do without one.
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