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lots of questions about externship, visa, find-a-resident

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lots of questions about externship, visa, find-a-resident

Postby pedunculated » Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:52 pm

Hi. I did not get a spot in scramble this year, mostly because my step 2 CS score did not come in on time. My step 1 and CK scores are good (234/95 and 238/99). I'm from Holland. I have US LORs from 2004 when I was in my last year of med school and did some away externships in Houston, at Texas Heart Institute, in Cooley's department. Should I be seeking to get more LORs? I'm still looking on Find A Resident for a possible opening and hoping my CS score will come in by May. I'm not sure how to proceed right not. Any advice? Here are my ideas so far:

1.) keep an eye out for opening positions on Find A Resident while studying for Step 3. Plan to take Step3 in June. anyone knows whether it helps alot to have step 3 passed as an IMG? and anyone knows when positions tend to open on find a resident?

2.) If i don't get anything and after I pass step 3, start the next application cycle, prepare for interviews, and get an externship somewhere possibly to get more LORs. How much do externships usually cost? Where are the free ones? Does anyone know whether UTSW in particular is good? My girlfriend is there as a med student, and living with her will help alot, she's been really supportive and is actually the reason i chose to stay here and complete my training.

Other things I need help with: I'm running out of money. What is a good way to get some quick cash legally with an F1 Visa? And my visa which I spent $500 on to get extended, now expires in October. What do I do?
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