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applying for EM

PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:59 pm
by Climber85

I'm interested in Emergency Medicine. I'm a US resident with a green card, currently doing a full year of rotations (externships) in all specialties in a private hospital in San Antonio. I've managed to leave a very good impression with the physicians working in the ED. Only one of such physicians is affiliated to a teaching hospital; most are accredited in FACEP or AAEP but don't work in teaching hospitals. I've completed step 1 with an average score, and I'm hoping to take the rest of the steps by the end of this year and next year. I know the competition is really stiff in EM, even more for IMGs, but I wanted to know if this experience can actually give me some edge for the applications, coupled with recommendation letters, or if still would need to do extra stuff like research and such. Do you know of any cases of IMGs that have matched in EM?

Many thanks; keep the good fight!