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old IMG with low there any hope ???

This topic is dedicated to sharing personal experiences about unsuccessful residency, non renewed contracts, evil PDs and upper levels, etc. Posting your story you help others not to make the same mistake. This topic is anonymous, your identity is protected.

old IMG with low there any hope ???

Postby shahsyed123 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:27 am

Hi I want to share my story...
i'm an old IMG and applied for a residency way back in 2007 but cudnot match, probably due to low scores (81 and 79 ), then i went back to my country of origin and did my Postgraduation in surgery. now i'm planning to live my American dream... please , can any body let me know if there is any hope left???? and if so, how to proceed??
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Re: old IMG with low there any hope ???

Postby Julia IMG Residency » Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:55 pm

Average USMLE scores as well as old year of graduation are negative factors of your residency application. But don't get discouraged! Applicants do get matched with passing USMLE results, being old grads. Did you pass USMLEs on the first attempt?
Fortunately this is not only about USMLE scores. This is combination of factors that works for your successful Match: Year of Grad, Med school, LORs, USMLE attempts, scores, clinical, research experience, visa status etc.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is a choice of specialty. General Surgery is considered to be IMG Friendly. However this specialty is extremely competitive. Most Surgery programs require 90s on USMLE, U.S. hospital experience in the field etc. You definitely need to participating in the Match 2014. Make sure you apply to IMG friendly, less competitive specialty as a backup, i.e. IM.

Please feel free to submit your information here for free application assessment and honest estimates of your Match chances:

After the review we will set the best action plan for you and let you know the strategy on how to maximize your Match chances.
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