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Be carefull of rumors they can hurt your reputation

This topic is dedicated to sharing personal experiences about unsuccessful residency, non renewed contracts, evil PDs and upper levels, etc. Posting your story you help others not to make the same mistake. This topic is anonymous, your identity is protected.

Be carefull of rumors they can hurt your reputation

Postby Guest » Fri Mar 03, 2006 10:49 pm

I do not want to go to much into detail for fear of retalation. I am having trouble with my residency constantly getting below average evaluations despite the fact that my knollege is as good as any other resident. Basically what happened is some attending does not like me and went out of his way to make me look bad. Once my inservice exam results were in and I scored high I thought my troubles would be over but they are not. Guess what a perception of a poor resident defies reality of high scores and good patient feedback. The best advice I can give is dont ignore rumors about you, what to do about them I am not sure but dont ignore them.

Postby bansal » Sat Mar 04, 2006 9:56 am

I think not only getting into residency is a challenge, but to maintain it with a good reputation is even a bigger challange. Can U write us which program is this?? you can write at
thanks.and I wish, that everything will work out for you in near future.
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Postby ragiso » Sat Mar 04, 2006 11:54 am

I am really shocked and surprised that such things exist here too. I am a little scared to see such things. It is a bitter reality that we are going to face such things wherever we are.
But the only thing to do is to work our way through and prove ourselves. Keep up hope against hope and at one time u will find urself triumphant. Even I would like to know which program this is. If ur comfortable can u e-mail me at, the name of this program? Best wishes for ur future and thanks in advance
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Postby Guest » Sun Mar 05, 2006 8:27 pm

Sorry I am going to keep my mouth shut in regards to which residency. The point of my post was that it is not true that "sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt you" I have been accused of non profesional conduct but my program director will not state what the charges are...and I am supposed to defend myself against these wisper campains. Only recently did an attending privately tell me that people within my program were spreading rumors about me. If you are ever in this situation keep your mouth shut and dont complain. While my reputation may be in ruins at least I will finish out my first year and not be dropped before my first year is completed.

bad reps

Postby m&m » Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:50 am

I've just been browsing on these forums and I had to say something because I'm so disgusted. I thought by now waves of superiority and decapitaion of residents was over. I had a very similar experience in a Im residency program in upstate NY. Infact where I though people were liberal, multi-ethnic and educated!

As it turns out, this happened to about 6 residents and incoming transfers. It was atrocious. Infact whenever I rotated off site I'd get great grades so I argued this with my PD who then called the lady at my next off site elective to get me the worst grade I ever got in a rotation though I had a colleague witness (a co-rotator) and did very well in the clinical care of patients. Such is politics and such are pyramidal programs who can hide behind a pretense of knowledge and excellence when infact many of the attendings can be rustic in their approaches to patient care as well as their knowledge. I did make some mistakes in residency--but that's what it's there for. I feel that incompetent teachers should be hung and lazy senior residents who gossip should be put in medical records. The reason I found out about the political slyness is from the head of cardiology at the off site hospital (a much bigger place with its own academic Im program) who then told me what my sweetheart (SOB) PD did. And that opened my eyes. As you can tell I dont have any respect for bastards. But you should, until you get what you want out of it. I'm in the profession to learn and do what I can for society.

My advice is that you write everything down, day to day. Either see if you can sucessfully finish 1st yr. and transfer out (you'll need some recomendations) or stay there and keep your mind immersed in God. Noone can or has the right to take from you what you were made to do in this life--sometimes you have to be able to ingest tons of poisons though at this time and know it may just be transient.

There were a couple of other residents who were bothered and who didnt let it bother them. Just keep a sincere effort going and do things--everything their way--even if you disagree or think it may be more beneficial to do things another way for better patient care and even though you may be right. Remember do not gossip. Stay good focused and diligent even on call. They'll be watching every moment of your existence, including lounges, lunches etc... No, no freedom. But try to conform and get adequate reading and argumentative skills for conferences.

In the end it's about persistence, shallowness and ... finally freedom. I dont even know what type of program you're in. The problem with going to lawyers is not only the money but intimidation from the program. There is a student section of the AMA where these types of complaints go--I dont know if they can help. I realized at the end I should have been in a bigger city--easier less ailen staff and multicultural students.

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