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Beware.........of scam

This one is dedicated for advertisements that are entertaining but either fake (self-promotion) or misleading. In ther words this is an Anti-Ads or "do the opposite" place

Beware.........of scam

Postby sampaul » Sat Apr 05, 2008 10:37 am

Bestscramble is a scam. All they do is take your money and funnel it into the pockets of shifty attending in medical institutions. It’s a sick disgusting game they play and I am working with others to get my money back. i was contacted by a detective because there is a class action lawsuit being filed against bestscramble. if anyone has any information about them stay tuned, you should watch out.
I am writing this to alert anyone intending on using [SNIP]for your scramble application. Please think twice about using them. They are a SCAM run by some nobody posing as two doctors with MD and PhD Degrees that cannot be verified with any licensing board. I fell for their scam and am going to file complaints with the FBI, News media and local authorities where they supposedly are located. Please take your hard earned money, pray and use ERAS (which incidentally they tell you to use after you pay them and they stop communicating with you).
[SNIP] BEWARE!!!!!!!I had a very bad experience with them, they took around 1000 dollars from me for post match scramble,,, I was a fool and an idiot,,,, all they did was they created a web link for me which I can do by myself in around 100 dollars they claimed that they will contact each and every hospital. They send my link to even those hospitals where there was no position available and I think now those programs will make a note and when I apply there in next match, they will blacklist me.
I just want to tell you that is a big SCAM
doesn’t waist your money they in fact will harm you.
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Re: Beware.........of scam

Postby zajyjutuli » Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:42 am

Scams are not increasingly making the most sharp mind holders for the making the easy life man to fraud of the money. Beware for the scams in the level of the phd dissertation writing service that only true and most recommendations will be use for the services.
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