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SPAM open programs

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SPAM open programs

Postby kamen » Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:49 pm


The fmg amer Postgraduate Placement and Residency Counseling Program
1. Premium Clerkship & Externship Placement / U.S. Clinical Experience
We place our medical graduate clients in hands-on clerkships & externship programs led by a teaching attending physician who is affiliated with a U.S. medical school, medical institution, residency program or teaching hospital. You receive real-world experience and ideally, US letters of recommendations.
2. Personalized Counseling
From the moment you are accepted into the fmg amer program, you have a partner in your success. You will be assigned to work with a residency counselor who will support throughout the duration of the process.
3. Complete Online Profile
As an fmg amer student, I am able to create an online profile, where I can list your qualifications, area of interest and other relevant details needed for placement in a residency program.
4. Ultimate Residency Program Database
You will receive access to our exclusive Match Database of residency programs. Not only do you have access to the database, but residency program directors also have access and can log in to search for candidates. Nobody else maintains a more comprehensive and up-to-date database than fmg amer.
5. Quality Medical Malpractice Insurance
You will receive a comprehensive medical malpractice insurance policy through an independent and reputable insurance agency if needed.
6. Professional Editorial Assistance You will receive professional review and editing of your resume/CV, credentials, applications, personal statements and thank you letters by our team of professional writers.
7. Comprehensive Interview Preparation
You will receive study materials with sample interview questions and several one-on-one rehearsals with your assigned residency counselor.
8. Individualized Program Selection Assistance
Your residency counselor will help you choose the right hospitals and programs that meet your interests and qualifications. This process will maximize your chances of achieving a match and can provide a significant cost savings on the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS).
9. Reliable Scramble Service
On the date of Scramble, fmg amer will send your profile and documents to all open programs that you select via fax and e-mail
10. H-1 and J-1 Visa Assistance
Beyond applying to the entire visa sponsoring residency hospitals on your behalf, we can arrange for you discounted fees with the top U.S. immigration specialists.
11. 100% Guarantee
fmg amer will guarantee that then can procure for you an externship position, in a contract, money back.
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