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My chances for pediatric residency 2013

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My chances for pediatric residency 2013

Postby vaka » Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:05 pm

I am a Scandinavian 2012 graduate and interested in pediatrics

STEP 2 249
STEP 1 pending
No US experience

1 year experience in a Pediatric hospital.
1 year rotation in IM, surgery and family meds.
3 months of paid research

Masters student , graduate in may 2013, researching nephrolithiasis, 2 articles waiting for publication in peer reviewed journals. 1 published clinical guidelines. 1 abstract in a conference, American Society of Nephrology.
Excellent LOR´s who know me personally: Head of Nephrology, Head of Pediatric Hospital, Pediatric Nephrologist. All specialized in the US with good research background and publications.

I would like to go to Boston or NY.

What are my chances for matching in a competitive program? How can I increase my chances?
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