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Personal Statement: Anecdotes are best to start with

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Personal Statement: Anecdotes are best to start with

Postby emiddle » Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:20 am

To write a “golden” personal statement, and make it “pop”, it can be very effective to start with a compelling, personal, and interesting anecdote. Remember, your opening needs to be designed to make the reader want to read more…

Start your PS with a personal anecdote and write 3-6 sentences about….

1. A significant accomplishment
2. A time you’ll never forget
3. A time when your life changed trajectories.
4. A challenge you overcame.
5. A time of hardship.

With all of these, you write about what happened, but then also about…. how you fought, how you grew, how you developed, what strengths you acquired, new perspectives you gained….etc.

If no ONE question jumps right out, I would suggest writing 3 different situations out. Write freeflow….like journaling—no editing just “dump” the words and let them flow. Do this in penmanship (not on a keyboard).

After you get a good anecdote the rest of your PS is about 1. Why you and Specialty X fit well and 2. What positive characteristics you have to offer a program.

I have been advising and guiding medical students, and editing personal statements for 14 years at University of Michigan Medical school. Vist my site if you need help before ERAS opens Sept 15.

BEST of luck! Dr. Eric Middleton
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