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Need some encouragement

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Need some encouragement

Postby Kyleridge » Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:10 am

I am an IMG from Canada. I am most likely seeking a residency position in the US. I am just starting to realize the barriers that requiring a visa will present when trying to secure a residency position. I just scored 260 on step 1. I am very anxious moving forward with my clinical rotations, which will be mainly in the US, because I fear that the fact I need a visa will be a barrier to getting residency. I am so anxious that I am considering quitting school because I am so scared about not getting a residency position. I am interested in an emergency medicine program, but I would be happy with internal medicine or family medicine if it makes it more likely to match. Could someone tell me the likelihood of me getting a residency position in the US even though I am a Canadian citizen and a IMG. Thank you. I could sure use some encouragement right now. Thank you.
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Re: Need some encouragement

Postby davidgregod » Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:16 am

Depending on your score on step 1 I can say that you chances are high enough. But, the score is not the only one thing that is needed to be on the highest level! I highly recommend you to make a really good SOP and LOR, as it is also of a high importance. Spend your time to make it really good. In case you are facing problems with that,
you can easily use special resource which will make it perfect for you. Important to note, that Visa issue is very important too.
Canadian citizens who train at residency programs in the USA generally get a student visa called the J1 visa that permits them to train in the USA for the duration of their residency.When the results of the match are announced, the Canadian student prints off the residency offer from an American program, then gets a letter from the Federal Department of Health (Health Canada) specifying that there is a need for more physicians in Canada, and fills out the accompanying form. The package is sent off, and a J1 visa is made ready for the first day of residency. While the J1 visa is by far the most popular visa type, others such as a H1B visa are possible, but involve extra requirements and are more time-consuming to obtain.
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Re: Need some encouragement

Postby elmaasheley147 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:03 am

If you are still searching for a residency in the US I must recommend to go on money saving coupons because here you will find a residency without any problem. I hope it might help you in finding the best place for you.
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