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New Blog on Residency Admissions

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New Blog on Residency Admissions

Postby medapprx » Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:06 pm

Hey All,

I'm a current ortho resident. Two colleagues and I got together to start MedAppRx. Given how confusing, daunting, and stressful the residency application process is, we wanted to do what we could to take some of the mystery out of it. We want to provide believable and credible information, as often as possible from the program directors themselves, which could directly aid in you matching into your dream residency.

Unfortunately, there's no "official handbook" to matching into a great residency program. So at MedAppRx we'll be sharing a few of our own experiences, interviewing program directors, and providing the primary sources of information you need to succeed as an applicant in a really competitive field. We're just setting out, but expect to rapidly fill our site with info.

Please come visit us, ask us questions, tell us what you want to ask/hear, and we'll do our best to make our site just one more resource you can use to make your Match!
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