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cs visa letter-anatolyk please help

Step 2 Clinical Skills Assessment preparation, classes, literature, test taking experience

cs visa letter-anatolyk please help

Postby novemberrain » Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:39 am

hi everyone,

i need your advice please
I'm done with step 1 and applied for step 2 ck and have recieved my scheduling permit. will take it in jan 12
(at present, my passport has expired so applying for a new one. i will be getting my passport by end of november. )
-i wanted to know if i apply for cs now and request visa letter, will it be valid by the time i recieve my passport and make an appointment with the us embassy or should i wait till i recieve my passport? does the cs visa letter have a date or a validity period?
-can i apply for visa with just step 1 score or should i apply after the second step? also once applied after how many days max does one recieve visa ?
-can i choose the eligibility period for cs or is it one year from the time i apply for it?
please let me knw, thank you
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Re: cs visa letter-anatolyk please help

Postby anatolyk » Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:09 am

Sorry, I don't know much about visa timing. This will greatly depend on US consulate in your home country. Your best bet would be to find people from your country who've got a visa for CS.
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