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Passing with Spoken English Proficiency

Step 2 Clinical Skills Assessment preparation, classes, literature, test taking experience

Passing with Spoken English Proficiency

Postby Articulation LLC » Tue Apr 26, 2016 6:18 pm

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Excerpt from a recent client’s success story:
I PASSED the USMLE Step 2 CS. I found out that I passed on March 2, 2016. I am Soooo happy. This was my second attempt. My USMLE Step 1 score was 238 (first attempt), and step 2 CK was 243 (first attempt). I took Step 1 in October 2012.
First was the SEP part. How could I make it? I searched online. I went to some pronunciation classes in San Diego, but I didn't feel that I was ready for this part because the classes didn't focus on teaching me what I needed. I kept looking, and one day, I found this website, I sent this instructor an email and heard back from her the same day about her program. I began to make a schedule to make my English clearer, and to pass SEP. I met her once a week for 1 hour. She recorded this hour and sent the recording to me, so I could listen to myself and to the lesson for that particular week. It was extremely helpful. I can say that my English is much clearer, and even my co-workers are surprised about that. Dara, my instructor, was very strict on my pronunciation. She listened to me carefully, and taught me how to make myself clearer to the ears of English speakers. Every week, I recorded myself, anything I spoke in my normal life, and she pointed out which words I needed to work on to improve so people could understand me better. I had a total of 12 lessons with her before I went to take the Step 2 CS exam. On the real exam, I passed the SEP part with a high performance score.

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Articulation LLC
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Re: Passing with Spoken English Proficiency

Postby ClarencePadilla » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:00 am

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