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just took USMLEagle

Test taking strategies, test preparation materials and centers

just took USMLEagle

Postby preppingforstep1 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:15 pm

I wasn't able to study on my own because i had too many distractions. I decided to take a course in orlando, it was referred to me by a friend. I will list out the pros and cons of the program incase it helps anyone.
Pros: Enjoyed the one-to-one tutoring, which helped my scores to go up very fast.
Drills: which was being asked questions and answering them. I learned the material faster than i thought i would.
Classes: helped to understand fundamentals and helped me build my foundation. (there was always a break for food, which was nice)
It was a nice study atmosphere, and everyone seemed to be going after the same goal.
Housing was within walking distance to the program center.

Cons: Drills: being put on the spot to answer the questions
Classes: sometimes lasted too long.
I had to share a bathroom.
Grocery store not within walking distance.

I am currently waiting on my results for step 1, if anyone has anymore questions feel free to email me sam.j4111, that is my gmail account.
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Re: just took USMLEagle

Postby aceinhibitor » Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:15 pm

Hi, I was there too for Step 2 and passed!! I am going back for Step 3 soon.
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Re: just took USMLEagle

Postby Sherry J. Truesdale » Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:58 am

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Sherry J. Truesdale
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