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wrote stepIII, 8ok, 1case spoiled, mcqs not sureNOW WHAT

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wrote stepIII, 8ok, 1case spoiled, mcqs not sureNOW WHAT

Postby Guest » Thu Sep 28, 2006 10:29 pm

Now I wrote exam, and question I have is about CCS cases.
now there were 9 cases. and I feel i did 8 cases ok, now one case that I did , i totally screwed it up, totally different diagnosis, though I realised after coming out of exam, that I did something wrong.
Now my question is did you did )i mean any one who wrote step iii)all 9 cases good. I mean you knew all cases were good, no one is perfect i know that. but my concern is did you do all cases right. or i also want to ask you if you know someone who has passed the exam, even though he did not do one case right, I am talking about actual exam here.
I am not looking for heroic results for myself, however, reasonable results atleast a pass standard, is fine for me. can you or anyone help me here,
do you think i may have a chance to pass here, with 8 cases ok, and one case totally screwed.
about the mcqs, i mean the first day, I was pretty much confused, I am not sure about the first day at all, so i cant comment anyway, however, it was not like cream cheese,
please do not ask me what i was asked in exam for i understand i am not or no one is authorise to discuss the cases asked in exam, i only want to know, my chances if i know for sure that i screwed one case,
do you or anyone think i should be opening the books again or you think i may have some chance, any one??

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:56 pm

i have seen in this forum, and talked to other residents also, they all say that day 1 questions are confusing if not tough.
if you have worked hard on mcqs, it should be ok,
however, even if you feel you did not do one or two clinical cases, but you are sure you did atleast 7 or 8 cases ok, you should be ok,
keep your fingers crossed, for now relax and have fun.
if you pass, good for you, if you dont, you already have some idea about the exam so you can prepare better. dont worry for now.
take care

Postby tannazadib » Thu Nov 16, 2006 6:35 pm

Dera worried guest. Don't ever be worried about screwing up 1 ccs case. All the 9 ccs cases make 25% of your whole score. So if you have done fair on other parts of the test you shoul be fine! :D relax
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