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Step 3, when?

Step 3 test taking strategies, test preparation materials and centers

Step 3, when?

Postby DocGSH » Sun Dec 30, 2007 1:36 pm


Great forum! I have a question. ^_^

On the site, the site I understand one uses to register for Step 3,
they say: "You must be eligible to sit for Step 3 at the time you submit the application."

I understand that there is an ID verification process with a printed form, a photograph and a local notary plus a payment. When I complete this process, how much time will I have before I must write the exam?
Do they just send you a scheduling permit with a SINGLE date and you
have no choice about WHEN you want to take the exam? or is it like with
Step 2 CS, you book a date after you receive your permit.

I'd really appreciate the answer, to decide if I must be complete with all
prep work before I submit or I can have some time afterwards to prep,
book the airline ticket, hotel etc.

(Maybe I'm confusing eligible with 'available' - I have my ECFMG certificate so I guess I'm eligible.) :)
I'm thinking about Connecticut.

Thank you!
DocGSH :)
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Postby anatolyk » Thu Jan 03, 2008 10:32 am

You will get a scheduling permit valid for scheduling a test for a three months window, which you select when applying.

You schedule test date same way you did for other steps - by going to prometrics and selecting from available dates within the three month window you selected.
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