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Amazon Gift Certificate for MDs and DOs

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Amazon Gift Certificate for MDs and DOs

Postby madeesin » Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:01 am

If you are a physician(MD or DO) including residents and interns, you can get Amazon Gift Certificate by just joining Sermo.

Just use the link below. No need to enter promotion code.

It takes 2 minutes. Comparatively insurance company pays us less for spending more time with patient.

Basically Sermo is partly funded by Pfizer and Supported by AMA (American Medical Association). I have used it for more than a month and find it very useful.

They are looking for MDs and DOs to join their site. Its a site where there are blogs and discussion forums; here you can exchange medical insights with colleagues spanning more than 30 specialties across all 50 states. You can take part in surveys by visiting HotSpot opportunities on their website and earn $40-100 easily for that by spending less time then we do for seeing a patient and at the same time voicing our opinion.

But just for joining you get Amazon Gift Certiifcate in 8-10 days via email.

Don't worry if it says for US licensed physicians only; Residents and Interns too can join it. Since residents don't have license, once you join it via link below and submit ( no promotion code needed), they will ask you to either photocopy and FAX your Hospital ID(which is fastest way to do it) or you can give telephone number or cell number so that they can call and confirm you are a physician, resident or intern.

Hope all physicians find this post useful as I did.
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