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Step 3.. and then what?!

Step 3 test taking strategies, test preparation materials and centers

Step 3.. and then what?!

Postby ophir_keret » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:55 am

I am a physician currently performing my internship at my home country of Israel. I have several questions regarding the final steps of medical licensure in the USA.

During my years at medical school I became aware of the importance of obtaining a license to practice medicine in the USA. I had no specific goal in mind, my wish was to obtain a license so that "one day" if I wish, I may be able to work in the USA (work being as a resident, fellow or full time practice). "Leaving the door open", and taking the test at the best time possible where my primary objectives.

I have successfully completed my ECFMG certification at December 2011, and plan to soon start my residency in my home country of Israel. I still wish to complete my licensure and perform the USMLE step 3 next year, in hope that I may work/perform a fellowship in the USA after completing my residency here (Israel).

My inquires:

1. Assuming I pass step 3, what are the additional requirements for obtaining a permanent license?

2. Are there any exams / fees/ requirements needed for the maintenance of a permanent license?

3. May I perform a board exam of my residency, even if I do not perform the residency in the USA?

4. Is there any path towards working as a specialist in the USA without performing a residency in the USA in my current status?

5. Any other information you may deem relevant would be highly appreciated

Thank you in advance for all your help


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Re: Step 3.. and then what?!

Postby anatolyk » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:32 pm

You need to complete 2-3 years (depending on state) of residency training in the US to be eligible for US license.
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Re: Step 3.. and then what?!

Postby Gtrlotry » Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:49 am

There are certain things that I want and need to know.
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