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graduated 8 years ago, should i still bother?

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graduated 8 years ago, should i still bother?

Postby isobel » Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:46 am

hi all!

i received my med school diploma last 2004, finished my internship last 2005. after that, i went into moonlighting in my country, and after a year decided to enter residency, which i finished last 2010. i took my specialty boards 2011, passed it and got my diplomate certificate early 2012. i am presently very active in my practice, but one morning i woke up and just decided to take the MLEs. so as i was preparing the documents required for application, i chanced upon news about how hard it will be for "old IMGs" to penetrate the system, as they are screened out early. so before i actually spend money and time, and sacrifice my career in my homeland to focus on reviewing for the MLEs, i would really need to know what my chances are. I know that it has been a while since i touched up on the basics, but i never really took my time off from practice, but given the year i received my diploma, that makes me really old... and i have to study harder for Step 1 than most takers. i would not mind but i get really sad thinking that there is a big possibility that no residency program would like to get me anyway since it has been a long while since i finished med school. is this the case? should i even bother? i know that i would not know unless i try, but i have a lot to lose, and i am not rich to just throw money away for something that i dont even have a chance at.

i am being a pessimist but i cant help it. i've been reading a lot of really discouraging posts lately. any thoughts? thanks!
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Re: graduated 8 years ago, should i still bother?

Postby anatolyk » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:27 pm

You are way too pessimistic. WIth good scores and IMG-friendly specialty you havwill stand a good chance.
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