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J1 visa renewal

Immigration issues, H1B and J1 visa sponsorship issues

J1 visa renewal

Postby 2dizzy4u » Wed Jan 31, 2007 3:25 pm

Good day
I'm an IMG who will be issued a J1 visa while doing the residency training. I was told by some people that since its a J1 visa, I would have to return to my country annually to renew the visa and that travelling is unavoidable for the renewal of a visa.
Furthermore because I'm a male, I was told that I would need to return to my country like 7-8 weeks prior to the expiry date of the visa, apply at the consulate, then return to USA, continue my training pending my visa renewal, then to return to my country to get the visa stamped on my passport once security clearance is obtained - all costing around 4000$ annually just on flights - which is a pretty expensive thing.
Is all of that true?
Does anyone have any info?
Can anyone help me in that aspect - I mean to figure out how things go, to clarify to me about what channels I can go through if I can avoid the trips in the first place,& even if i can avoid travelling at all and do the renewal directly while in USA.
Thanks for your time and help.
D :shock:
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Postby mma » Wed Jan 31, 2007 3:47 pm

You only need to apply for visa stamp in your passport, if you are outside the US. If you're already in the US on the other visa, then apply for change of status here, no travel necessary.
As long as you are in US you don't need to re-stamp your visa. Your main immigration document inside the US is your I-94 card, make sure you renew it on time. This is done by mail, here in the US. As long as you don't travel abroad, you should be all set. Apply for the driver's licence, so you have no trouble for travel inside the US.
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Postby waldomd » Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:45 pm

Hello, I have a J1 visa and doing research. The visa is for 3 years ands you don't need to go back to renew it unless the only give you the visa for a one year period.
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Postby aamir » Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:55 am

I have a question.

Suppose I am working on J1 research visa and my visa duration is 1 year...
Now if I get a residency next year either on J1 or H1 visa ,would it be possible to do it?
I meant to say is there a 2 year home residency requirement after J1 research visa?

kindly enlighten the topic.
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Postby waldomd » Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:42 am

You need to change the category of the J1 visa (research-->clinical). The information is available in the DOS website. You can change to a clinical J1 or apply for new J1 if you complete the research program before starting the residency. You can not apply to an H1B if you do not do the 2 yeas.
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Postby aamir » Sat Feb 02, 2008 3:59 pm

@ weldomd

So what I understood from your post is--- I need not go back to my home country if I get residency on J1 and I can directly transfer my J1 research to J1 clinical....Correct me if I am wrong.

One of my friend working at a well known institution on J1 research got his visa transferred to H1 job after getting a waiver... but that guy was PhD( not MBBS) but I have no idea what difference does a PhD or MBBS degree make on this issue.
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