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For Anatolyk or anyone else

Immigration issues, H1B and J1 visa sponsorship issues

For Anatolyk or anyone else

Postby nas » Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:29 pm

I am an Indian IMG, matched in a university program which sponsors only J1 visa. Had a few questions -

1. I understand that I will need the university's letter of appointment to apply to the Ministry of Health for a statement of need - where and how to apply for this in India? And how long does it take?

2. I am working in UK since the last 3 years - what evidence should I show to convince the visa officer that I will return to India after residency?
Dont have much money in Indian bank accounts/property.

3. Should I go back to India and apply for J1 or should I try from UK?

Many thanks!
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