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please help about USMLE exam application

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please help about USMLE exam application

Postby jeansen » Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:25 pm name is Jeansen..i am sorry if i don't place this topic in a right place because i really don't know where to put this topic..i got the ECFMG identification number and i have paid (the $50 ) to register on the online application.. i am now trying to apply for the USMLE exam..but i am quiet confuse,

1. the item 2 asks me the eligibility i have to decide it that early? i am not sure when i can take the exam right now..can i fulfill the required documents without choosing my eligibility period first? but, how can i get the "186 or 183 form" without choosing the eligibility period?

2. how can i know if my medical school has already registered at the EMSWP?because i don't know which form to choose (form 186 or 183)?

3. letter size is not commonly used in my country (though i can find some) it ok if i use mixed size paper (A4 and letter size paper)? i use the letter size for the diploma though

4. i don't really understand the use of form 187 , they said that we included it if we have any additional document to complete my document? what kind of additional document did they mean?
and also, should i not send this form if i send the form 186 or form 183 only?

please help..thank you in advance :)

best regards,Jeansen
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Re: please help about USMLE exam application

Postby anatolyk » Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:13 pm

When applying for the exam, you should have the timeline more or less identified. The intent is to register once you are ready.

You can check with your school directly. More likely than not, it is not registered, considering you haven't already found the answer from your school officials. ECFMG does not make list of registered schools public.

A4 will do just fine.

Additional documents would be anything besides of what you should normally include with the application.
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