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Where are YOU in the process?

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Where are YOU in the process?

Postby Julia IMG Residency » Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:29 pm

When should I have my application ready for the Match 2015 season?

ERAS 2015 Timeline, important dates to remember:

September 15th 12:00 noon Eastern Time Registration for the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), or "the Match," opens on the NRMP website.

September 15th 8:00 AM Eastern Time you may start submitting your application to the programs. Every applicant's circumstances are different, but in general this is when you want to have your application ready for submission.
ERAS Supporting Services at ECFMG no longer accepts paper documents. All supporting documents must be submitted electronically. Transmission will take 2 weeks if submitted via OASIS. This places you at the middle of August or beginning of September.

Next long pole is actually getting your documents. From experience, LORs take the longest to obtain. You ask your LOR writers for a letter and then all you can do just wait. You wish there was a way to make them hurry up, but there isn t. You should reserve approximately two weeks for the LORs. These two weeks add up to the 2 weeks for document transmission and place you in the beginning or middle of August.

Hopefully you already have your transcript and MSPE from medical school, so this shouldn't be a problem. MSPEs are released to the residency programs on October 1. ERAS strongly recommends that MSPEs are submitted to ECFMG no later than September 15, if submitted OASIS. Documents submitted electronically by medical schools via EMSWP are processed within two business days.

Add a week or two for unforeseen circumstances to the 4-5 weeks we have already accounted for. This places you at the beginning-mid of August! You should request your LORs and start getting all the documents together now. Otherwise there is a risk of not making it on time for September 15th goal.
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