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This topic is dedicated to sharing personal experiences about unsuccessful residency, non renewed contracts, evil PDs and upper levels, etc. Posting your story you help others not to make the same mistake. This topic is anonymous, your identity is protected.


Postby kumar » Mon Nov 21, 2005 9:45 am

You are a very strong woman. Please continue the same way and i am sure you will be chosen into a very good program. I have no doubt you will make it. Plz send me the name of the program at
thanx a lot......

Postby mdcvu » Mon Nov 21, 2005 5:34 pm

my email is
please please email me
good luck

Am Sorry To Read Your Sad Experience

Postby misi » Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:19 pm

I can only wish you the best of luck and strength.
Just do not let yourself be discouraged by anyone and put off track.
I want you to know one thing. In this place, there is mounting competition in the healthcare profession, not only for physicians. The difficulties are worse for foreign graduates. The one that gives up will be discouraged even the more and weeded out of the system. So, this is what I want you to do: Stay focused. If one door closes, another one will open for you. So, don't let anyone take away your happiness and good time with your family.
I have not passed any of the USMLE exams yet. I have just registerd and am preparing to take them hopefully within the next six months.
I have been here a long time. I started with traning in nursing(RN), for both hospital and nursing experience, so that I know all they do here.
But, I must tell you one thing. The problem is everywhere and I have had my share. But I do not let that deter me from all my years of hard work.
So keep your hat high. You have passed your exams.
I'll advice you check out Residency spots in remote parts of the country where there are less competition.
If your family can manage with you there, then go there and finish your training and come out if you don't eventually like it rural.
I have a friend that scored very high in all the USMLE steps. That is what he did. He left Washington DC and 'headed' out there to a rural area and now has completed his Cardiology training. You see out there, there is less competition and not many people want to go. Especially so for locally trained doctors. Everyone seem to want the Big Cities.!!!!

Just an advice. You know what is best for you. And ...



Postby restlesmle » Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:58 pm

hello there,
I hav just started,and thinking whether to change my career![img,mom]
it so frustrating,beginning with finding a daycare..!
may you get all the caurage[sorry for spellling] andmay ur dreams come true!
my id

help urself

Postby drnk182 » Fri Jan 06, 2006 6:57 pm

hi, I have been thro residency (completed 3yrs sucessfully )and i know of similar experiences for many people (including myself).
Remmember one thing :
1. NObody can do anything without documentation : that is the reason he asked u to resign (he didn't have grounds to fire u)
2. at times like this always refuse to resign
3. ask for documentation: it has to be consistent over several months with sev warning s being given to u and u having not shown any improvement
4. There r people above PD like dean, ACGME who can help u but first u have to help urself and tell PD to give stuff in writings.
5. Also let bygones be bygones: do not tell that u did residency and apply again and this time choose a program which is friendlier even though it might not be ur first choice (subject/location): it is more imp to complete ur residency than where or how u do it.
if u need help/advice email me.
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do not tell that you did residency and apply again

Postby anatolyk » Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:51 am

I agree 100% with everything but 5:

"5. Also let bygones be bygones: do not tell that u did residency and apply again and this time choose a program which is friendlier even though it might not be ur first choice (subject/location): it is more imp to complete ur residency than where or how u do it.

I agree that finding another residency and finishing it is extremelly important. But you cannot hide that you did residency somewhere else. I know quite a few stories when people lost their new residency just because of that. This information becomes available to the new hospital as soon as Medicare starts sending payments for your training.
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Postby A new guest » Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:39 am

I believe your husband and your kids will so proud of you because you are so brave. I don't believe that's your fault, and there was something wrong with your pd. Please tell me which hospital you went with this nightmare, and nobody want to have such bad experience definitely. My email address is

Continue working, you will find a nice pd.
A new guest

send me the name and program director

Postby mjt » Fri Jan 27, 2006 7:48 pm

Could you please send me the name of the director and the program you are talking about.

Re: send me the name and program director

Postby Guest » Fri Jan 27, 2006 7:49 pm

mjt wrote:
Could you please send me the name of the director and the program you are talking about.

Re: discrimination.

Postby guest » Sat Feb 04, 2006 12:05 pm

You should conuslt a lawyer You could take him to court
unknown wrote:i also have a bad experience to share. I am a mother of a young family. I moved from one state to another settled in the state were i was to start my residency in the mean time i started looking around for a new home and to finally settle down and start my career as a doc and live my dream life. unfortunately i never new what was lying ahead of me. i was calling up my parents to give them the good news. i was celebrating with my husband and my 1yr old daughter and 2yr old son. The struggle to find a residency was all over. I thanked God and I was soo excited I didnt care how many hours I was going to work I was just thankful that I had finally made it and hard work pays off. Unfortunately 1 week after i started my residency I was called by my PD who wanted me to resign just 1 week after my residency I could not believe it. My husband was out there tellng everyone proudly that his wife is a doc at so and so hospital. I was crushed. The reason was that a senior was pissed off because I did not answer her pager and she went and told the pd that i did not know anything and my knowledge was equal to a 1st year us medical graduate. i didnt know what to say. So I asked for more time for improvement. The bloody hospital gave none of us any orientation to the hospital and yes I was a fmg and I do admit that I had no prior experience and he knew that too. But I continued to work hard ignoring all the negative comments i was receiving from my PD i just did not want to loose my job. He had residents following me to see what I was doing. He just didnt want me in his program. He told me this was not discrimination but he would remind me over again and again that how was i coping with all this pressure with my husband and 2 kids at home. He was emotionally tearing me apart but I am not a quitter. I held my head up high but I knew by this time I was the most famous person in the whole hospital. Everyone was giving there own opioion about me. So finally I was put on probation. I was not allowed to answer any pager , not allowed to do admissions, not allowed to write any orders as I was a threat to humanity. He was now playing the game of incompetency. He was playing me all along. He told me that some professor was coming to teach me. When I met this Dr. he seemed like a reasonable guy. He told me that He was there to Obseve me and check my clinical skills and clinical judgement. He gave me a positive review. So the PD decided to call someone else who also gave me a positive review. So the PD decided to take a test of my Medical knowledge and made me sit for an exam. Then finally he took a bedside test on patients in the hospital. He was sitting there nick picking that I forgot to ask the patiet this Q . He was looking so ridicous sitting there making negative remarks. I was then sent back to my usual routine finally nobody spying on me and watching my every step. It was like living hell. I just had a ray of hope that maybe the program director just might change his mind if he sees how good i was doing. I was doing pretty good in my rotation after the probation period was over. I was getting good remarks from the Dr who I was working with but the day finally came the pd called me in his office and said IM SORRY WE WILL HAVE TO LET YOU GO. This all happened in 5 months. And he ofered me some volunteer experience if I wanted to come and then I would have a better chance to match next year. Guess what I took the offer. When he saw me come in he was furious and he said to me dont expect me to offer you a position just because you are appearing here. But I still continued to come until the residents ganged against me and told me they were embarassed to see me here. I just couldnt take it any longer. I told the pd that i could not afford to pay the babysitter any longer so i couldnt come any longer so he asked me to say the exact words to everyone. Before leaving I asked for a LOR you can expect what he wrote. He was a man with a big reputition and he wanted to be the good prestigus Dr.... He wrote in his LOR if i was in another program I would have succeeded. The same pd who was soo sweet at my interview had schedule me dinner and hotel reservations turned out to be a posionous snake. I still have his fank marks on my arm. He spoke to another pd who intervieed me in postmatch but guess what he gave me a negative review. So here I am standing alone. looking for a job ..........with no experience.


Postby smiley » Fri Mar 17, 2006 5:06 am

thats very unfortunate for u to have gone thru .i can totally understand ur position as i have been thru the exact situation in the u.k .all this happened when i was pregnant.i came to know that the employer took an offence as i did not disclose my pregnancy at the time of interview. i went thru the same set of events- some1 shadowing me , reports from nurses,wardmangers and so was equally unfortunate that i couldnt do the best out of physical constraint and emotional too. so i finally quit the job after 3 months as didnt want the little one to be affected out of my stress.
i started a new job after delivery and things r good with the new employer.touch was very diff to befgin with and it took a while to build up the confidence. but the bottomline is , if a person doesnt like u, there is no point in trying to prove to them .if they r hellbent on ousting us out , we shld gracefully come out (of course after trying our best). and reapply elsewhere.
i m sure there is one person who is watching everything over and above us and he will def reopen a small window to releive ur, dont lose heart , apply elsewhere, i m sure there shld some avenue in the u.s and u will def be successful.
good luck.

Postby guest » Sat Mar 18, 2006 1:10 pm

In this case, we should find a way to complain, to protect ourselves, you are so strong, but compare to the whole hospital, the whole world, how can a woman cope with ? Is there any rule, any law can support us?

Postby Guest » Wed Mar 29, 2006 3:23 pm

I wish that you can find a better program soon. Can u give me the name of the program so I will not apply for it. Thank you and have all of the best luck

Postby Guest » Wed Mar 29, 2006 8:18 pm

Can you please tell me the name of the program?
plz send me the name of the hospital at

thanks a lot in advance

go to EU

Postby guest » Tue Apr 11, 2006 1:04 pm

Situations like yours are no exception unfortunately. Everyone knows that FMGs are treated differently from AMGs. That's why a lot of my classmates from Med School started going for Residency training in Europian Union countries. At the end it's going to be the US lost - all the smartest FMGs will go to Europe and stop coming to the USA. Who wants to live surrounded by red-necks anyway :P

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